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What makes us different? 

We have partnered with the PayPal Giving Fund to donate 10% of all purchases to charities supporting women that have suffered domestic abuse.

Every month we will hand pick a charity supported by the PayPal Giving Fund initiative to help enrich the lives of women that have experienced something they should not have.

Some of the wonderful charities that the PayPal Giving Fund support include:

Women Trust:

“Woman’s Trust provides free person-centred therapeutic support to women affected by domestic abuse and violence. Our aim is to help women overcome the damage caused to mental health, which can be debilitating, reducing a woman’s ability to function long-term. By addressing this damage, we help women improve their capacities to help themselves and their children, enabling them to regain control of their lives, make positive choices, increase their life chances and live free from abuse and violence.”

The Haven:

“The Haven Wolverhampton supports women and their children who are at risk of domestic abuse and homelessness. We provide both practical and emotional support services to women and children who are affected by domestic abuse and homelessness. The Haven Wolverhampton is one of the largest refuge providers in the UK and every month receives over 1,100 calls to our free helpline. 1 in 4 women will experience domestic abuse and 1 in 5 children grow up in a household with abuse showing how we need your support.”

Solace Women’s Aid:

“Solace Women’s Aid supports 16000 women and children a year to recover from domestic abuse and sexual violence in London. Solace help women and children rebuild their lives through providing safe accommodation, therapeutic support and advice & advocacy. Solace believe every woman and child deserves to live their lives free from abuse.”

Know of other charities we should know about? Send us a message!